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Treasure whats worth saving

“Just because its broken or damaged,

Don’t throw it away...

Fix up what’s not working,

Treasure what’s worth saving!”

Generally, when we buy an old property, we have the tendency to break it completely and build a new building in the site. The thought behind this gesture is many and I wouldn’t blame the person who does that. An old property might fall off very soon. The style and design of the property is old, it doesn’t suit the new age, modern lifestyle. Also, a home is a long-term investment. While building a home, the person thinks about the future generation as well. Parents always want to secure the future of their kids and the future generation. And home is considered to the biggest security of a person.

Often when clients approach me to design their dream house, I ask them to give a brief about their requirements and majority of them say the first line, ‘I want a design that is contemporary, modern and ageless. So that even after we go, the future generation can use it’

This is good. Isn’t this what sustainability all about? Saving the resources for the future generation.

But why destroy the resource that has potential, charm and a soul. Yes, that old building has a soul. Preserve it.

Kintsugi - Japanese Repair Technique says,

No two objects break in the same way,

Each tell their own story and have their own beauty.

So, celebrate the broken parts or the scars!

So, why not celebrate the story of your home instead of eradicating it totally. Continue the story by extending and renovating it the way that suits your lifestyle.

What you need to do?

Consult a structural engineer for the validation of the skeleton of the house. Consult an architect for the design, to merge the old with the new.

Why you should consider it?

Construction industry is responsible for 40% of the global warming, in various forms. Construction waste is a big contributor. On top of this, if you break the existing structure, it adds up to the pile of garbage. Unknowingly, we have been damaging our own mother earth. Pause and think for a while. No matter how minute, make your contribution towards saving your mother Earth!

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