• Pranamee Nath

E-design: A hint of wilderness inside..

Bringing the outside nature, indoors is a concept practiced widely in interior design and architecture now a days. There are many ways to do it, one of them is to use wallpaper with imagery of nature. This wallpaper and the wall paint gives an impression of the chirpy birds in the trees and the beautiful meadows.

A comfortable chair, a floor lamp and the antique chest makes it the perfect space for the reader inside you.

Or if you have enough space to accomodate another chair, it becomes that corner of the house where you sit together with your partner in the evening with your cup of tea and snacks.

Sofa: wing-chair-with-nailhead-trim-in-beige-colour-by-dreamzz-furniture-1609242.html?utm_campaign=Google-CPC&utm_content=Bristo-Wing-Chair-in-Beige-Colour-by-Dreamzz-Furniture&gclid=CjwKCAiAnIT9BRAmEiwANaoE1bZdzyeExPQsLNes7oyGNy3ektwGzFd_gw2iqc1AW9vBdCm5F25eOBoCjNcQAvD_BwE

Wallpaper: yellow-multicolor-printed-textured-self-adhesive-chienosrie-wallpaper-10sq-ft-p655745



Chest: belfortfurniture

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